Buyer of a home in Hill Country Village, TX in 2016

Although our relationship with Gilley was initiated by chance, we are extremely grateful for this serendipity. We could not have found a more knowledgeable, attuned, patient, responsive, and genuine ly caring agent than Gilley. What we appreciated most about Gilley is that he listened attentively to us and gently guided us in the right direction. Our minds were fixated on two neighborhoods, but by taking a personal interest in us and learning our preferences, Gilley knew that we may find “our” house in another neighborhood. At the right time, Gilley suggested that we tour a house in Hill Country Village, and this is the house we bought! We are not only grateful to Gilley for being the consummate professional, but we also consider him as an enduring friend. Although we closed on our house in June, Gilley still calls to check in with us!

— Hill Country Clampetts